Boat Setup

There seems to be a lot of head scratching going on about how to rig a moth. And with more new people buying moths maybe it's time to write the Mothing for Dummies Guide.

  • Rig head to wind when putting your sail up!
  • Tension your shrouds. For MSL10 it's around 15 on Loos Gauge.
  • Get someone to help and hold your boat when the rigs up.
  • Turn your boat onto it's side with Sail DOWNWIND (so it doesn't blow away) when your fitting your foils on.
  • Fit the rudder first to keep the bow off the ground.
  • Leave the horizontal covers on foils until your nearly ready to launch.
  • Tie a tight slip knot in your main sheet so its block to block. Carry your boat into the water by lifting it with the main across the back of your neck. Sail downwind!

  • Don't forget to tape your breather holes or you'll fill with water
  • Don't go sailing without a VERY tight backline. This stops your back wingbars breaking.
  • Don't leave your boat unattended on trolley with the clue attached to the boom. It will blow over. 


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