Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas Cracker 2013 - National Yacht Club

 Curradinghy Sailing

The 'Curradinghy' Christmas Cracker 2013 

The 2nd installment of the Irish Moth Tour is this Saturday and Sunday 14/15 December 2013 in the National Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire.

First Gun is scheduled for 11am on Saturday but the forecast is looking windy. Could be an ideal chance to get in a dash for cash or speed trial in the flat waters within the Harbour walls.

It's a Christmas themed event so bring your GeansaĆ­ Nollaig (Christmas Jumper) and Santa hats.

Here's the latest run down on the Christmas Cracker entries.

Graeme 'The Flying Scot' Grant; Scots fishermen still lament how at aged 8 a local boy carved his first hull from a giant Oak he dragged down from the highlands. Some say he also carved out model planes but those closest to him will know these were his earliest foils... 'The flying Scot' taught the other Mothies a lesson in bravery as well as steady sailing in Howth last month. If racing commences in the harbour chances are high of a repeat. (1st Place at Irish Open)

John Chambers; It's not likely anyone in the sport has a higher IQ and his creative engineering skills don't go to waste on a moth. He has an eerie sixth sense racing in Dun Laoghaire harbour akin to the most experienced local Wag guru's. There no doubt he will be very hard to beat

Ryan Seaton; Talks a big game and has the race skills to match. Watch out for bang on starts, accurate lay lines and some impressive racing around the track. He took a break from Olympic 49er sailing to race his moth and finished the last event in a flurry of wins. Edges ahead as favourite given the forecast and finishing form. (2nd Place at Irish Open)

Annalise Murphy; this speed queen is not whom you want on the start line above you. A champion in Olympic sailing she rides her foils on one setting... fast and furious! Proven by taking the speed record prize in Howth last month. Those who live by the sword sometimes die by the sword on the foils but if she can lead after the first corner she may have her day. (3rd Place at Irish Open)

Alistair Kissane; nearly ran away with a race in Howth in his Ninja with Mach 2 foils. An msl 10 has renewed his form. Loves to calculate and a methodical thinker on his boat set up. When converted to speed he's a proven danger and be happy to upset the form guide.

Stephen Oram; a fireball champion and experienced hand. Another from the engineering clique where you his boat gadgetry is always a step ahead. An enigmatic foiler so hard to gauge the local flyer will be looking to transfer his fireball form to the Moth this weekend and blaze a trail around the bay.

Ben Lynch; the Irish Moth tours newest addition on foils. It's been a race against time for Lynch in terms of boat prep and funding a foiler but other riders have courteously given him practice time in Mach 2's so he'll enjoy getting around the track on his (cant remember name of boat) and be looking for the rookie prize or more...

Rory Fitzpatrick; went into the Howth leg as odds on favourite but failed to convert. Summer form seems to have waned but mumblings are that he's looking to square things up. Riding on a Mach 2 with chopped down foils he'll have a score to settle on local waters.

Race Management:

Con Murphy ( Race Officer ); respected as one of the best by the coaches and sailors after the Laser Europeans in Dun Laoghaire this summer. Some say flying boats are new ground but he's been on the water with them before and knows the score. A sure thing to deliver good racing on the day.

Olivier Prouveur ( Race management ); often pulls in the big shows in our sport to Dun Laoghaire. A big driver on the Irish Moth scene with the creativity to make new things happen. The Irish Mothies will feel at home on his deck.

International Moth Christmas Cracker - 14/15th December, NYC, Dun Laoghaire