Sunday, 3 November 2013

Irish Open Results

Near Perfect race conditions today. West 17kn dropping to 6kn. Race Officer Richard Kissane and his team ran 4 great races back to back. A crowd on the East and West peir were able to see the first International Moth Irish Open unfold in front of them.

Race 1 Moderate to fresh conditions saw the Moths show there turn of speed. A lead change on the final down wind saw Graeme Take the race win

1st Graeme Grant
2nd John Chambers
3rd Rory Fitzpatrick

Race 2 Moderate wind lead to some close racing at the front of the fleet Alistair lead for most of the race only to be over taken by Annalise befoer the final down wind

1st Annalise Murphy
2nd Ali Kizzan
3rd Rory Fitzpatrick

Race 3 Moderate to Light wind with some holes in the breeze gave plenty of opportunity but Ryan proved dominate leading for most of the race


1st Ryan Seaton
2nd Graeme Grant
3rd Rory Fitzpatrick

Race 4 With the wind definitely light there was a real competition to get up on the foils and going. Seaton fresh back from the Morth worlds in Hawii closely shadowed around the course by Annalise who was only piped on the finish line.

1st Ryan Seaton
2nd Graeme Grant
3rd Annalise Murphy

An extremely tightly fought competition was enjoyed by all Thanks go to all the volunteers and the sponsors

Overall results

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Live Streaming

We have spectactors phones streaming to this page.
Live video will come through when they are recording

Day 1 Plan (20-30 knots)

  1. Between 11:00 - 12:00 Speed Challenge
  2. Racing Should start after 12:00

Club Camera

Camera 1

Camera 2

Camera 3