Thursday, 31 October 2013

Irish Open 2013 Form Guide

John Chambers – The Father of Irish Moth Sailing, nobody knows more about the boats in Ireland than John. Will his years of stealthy training be enough to get him the jump on the fleet. Sailing a Mach 2 with cut down foils and a MSL 10 expect him to be high and fast in windy conditions.   Odds -  2/1

Graeme Grant – The Flying Scotsman will foil long before anyone else thanks to his 58kgs of chiseled  bodyweight. On a 2011 Ninja with ninja elite foils and a new Hyde that he is very secretive about expect him to win by legs in sub 10 knots, but he will struggle against the fatter guys after that.  Odds  - 3/1

Rory Fitzpatrick – The Olympic Laser Sailor (and part-time male model) has been coaxed back into a hiking boat by the excellent “pain to speed ratio” of the moth. Sailing a Mach 2 with cut down/faired foils and a MSL 16 sail he will be fast in all conditions but should have super speed in medium conditions.    Odds  - 3/2

Annalise Murphy – The European Laser Radial Champion and Olympian who is just back from the Moth Worlds in Hawaii. If the cold doesn’t kill her she will be brutally fast in her Mach 2 with cut down foils and shiny new MSL 16.  Odds   -   4/1

Ryan Seaton – Olympian and selfie advocate also just back from Hawaii, this 49er sailor should have really good pace in his Mach 2 with a very nice MSL 16 sail. Hasn’t had quite as much time moth sailing as some of the other guys, but experienced enough in high performance boats to make up for that.   Odds  -  5/1
Alistair Kissane – The local and the only one yet to race a Moth he could be a liability on the start line but that could be a tactical advantage. Will local knowledge win out. Should have good speed in his 2011 Velociraptor with cut down Mach 2 foils and MSL 10 sail.   Odds   -   6/1


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