Tuesday, 22 January 2013

DBSC Racing

The moths had a great day’s sailing yesterday in the DBSC summer series.
This was the first time we had 2 moths out sailing on the course together.
Lovely 12-15 knots for most of the afternoon.
With the waves in Dublin Bay it’s apparent that a retractable wand in a must for any foilers!

Race 1, I was 1 minute late for the start but quickly caught up with the IDRA 14s and RS400 half way up the first beat.
Did 3 laps of the Triangular Olympic course (triangle, sausage, triangle) although I rounded all marks on the course each time.
It seams to make more sense to do 2 reaches on the runs and stay foiling.
Laps took around 10mins each so I think the full race took 25-30 minutes.
I didn’t actually get a finish on the results sheet (DNC apparently – may have been a sail number mix-up).
Did some calculations and it looks like I might nearly be on the pace!!
Definitely and improvement on my previous attempts anyway.
I think it took me 25mins to complete the course… need to double check though

Beermat Calculations
Position Boat Handicap  Elapsed Time Corrected Time
Winning boat E & R Ryan  948  00:31:03  00:32:45
DNC  J Chambers  600  00:25:00 (estimate)  00:41.06 

Obviously not a winning score yet but it could have been good enough for 2nd place (00:42:27 corrected)

Race 2: Was an absolute blast. Great start…. think I was just about clear on the line.
The pace of the boat can be surprising. Did 3 good laps and finished well….. however I was supposed to do 4! :(
Stephen Oram got out for the start of race 2 and did a few laps. He’s foiling with ease and learning all the intricacies of the boat at a rate of knots. With the addition of the retractable wand we reckon life will be easier in the swell.
Since getting the course wrong I’ve learned to read a course card and hopefully won’t make another silly mistake again.
Looking forward to next Tuesday’s racing!

Video by: Ed Butler

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